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What Blue Husky Designs does....

Blue Husky Designs creates things... sculptures, logos, print ads, menu design, jewelry, events and many more. I do not fit into one box. I take anything in life and try to make it into something memorable and beautiful.




Gillian Brinnand grew up in Reno, Nevada. She started her college career as an art major at The University of Nevada, Reno, dreaming to be a photographer. Soon after her first semester, however, another interest engulfed her, Anthropology. She loved the idea of seeing the world a completely different way, simply by growing up in another culture. She switched her major to Cultural Anthropology and within a year, moved to Guam and attended the University of Guam, studying Anthropology of the Pacific. During this time, she took in all she could from everything she experienced and tried to visualize it in a variety of different ways. Now, over a decade later, she is using visual language to tell the stories of these scenes from her life, through the art she is creating. It is her goal and mission to express life and energy through her artwork. 

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Gillian Brinnand

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